Can I Use a Backpack as a Gym Bag?

Can I Use a Backpack as a Gym Bag?

You might have asked, “Can I use a backpack as a gym bag?” Here we will explore the answer as to what the best course of action might be when it comes to packing for the gym.

Don’t Just Use Any Old Bag

Before we get started, it’s worth noting that whether you use a gym bag or a backpack, it’s best not to use any old bag. Whichever you decide to use, make sure your bag is light, spacious, and breathable. Lower-priced bags are often made in a way that locks in odors and moisture. After spending time sweating in your shoes, socks, and gym wear, the smells can build up over time. Additionally, there is the possibility of mold and bacteria. So get the best you can afford.

It’s OK to Use a Backpack as a Gym Bag

Around 25% of Americans visit the gym regularly. And you might notice that many of them carry their gym bags around with them. Mostly it’s because they hold the things they need for training, such as gloves, towels, and water. But gym bags can be bulky since they are typically long and meant to be carried by hand. But a backpack is slimmer and meant for use on your back. So while you can take your gym stuff in a gym bag, a backpack is also OK on the gym floor. In some cases even better because you can more easily tuck it away to avoid being a hazard.

Get a Gym Bag at Some Point

Backpacks are fine, and they allow you to store stuff. However, as you get more into your workout and visit the gym more often, you might notice that a backpack becomes unsuitable. You will begin to need water, a change of clothing, and underwear. Additionally, you might need something to carry specialist equipment such as tennis rackets or trainers. So a purpose-made gym bag becomes necessary. Gym bags are longer and make better use of space because you can layer your stuff. Which is helpful for preventing creases on fresh clothes after showering.

The Best Gym Bag Brands for Replacing a Backpack

If you are looking for a gym bag, there are tons you can choose from. There are many sizes, but a medium-sized bag should be enough for your gym visits. Also, quality and prices vary greatly and can cost from $10 all the way up to a few hundred. Here are some of the best:

  • Fittbag: a workout in a backpack.
  • Puma Contender: provides enough space for clothes and has a ventilated shoe pouch.
  • Adidas Diablo: smaller than most but able to easily fit into a gym locker for security.
  • Marlboro: very lightweight with a plush shoulder strap for extra comfort.
  • Conway Sports: very spacious and comes with a waterproof base and tons of pockets.
  • Under Armor Undeniable 4.0: water-resistant with a breathable shoe compartment.

For the most part, gym bags are the same. However, you really need to look for the total storage capacity, durable materials, and extra compartments designed for extras like trainers and sports equipment. As you get more into your workouts, you will bring more and more stuff.

You May Get More into Your Gym Bag

The capacity of your gym bag is essential as you begin to visit the gym more often. You might find you need to take extra towels, water, and toiletries. And a backpack might not be the best thing for the job. You might not like the idea of lugging a gym bag, and a backpack offers the convenience of back carrying. But some gym bag manufacturers are able to design large bags that both look and feel smaller. Your gym bag will also come with extra compartments for holding your running shoes and dirty towels, so they don’t stink out your bag.

You May Not Need a Bag at All

Of course, sometimes there’s no need for a bag at all. It’s not uncommon for people to arrive at the gym in their workout gear and return home in it if they live locally. A gym bag or a backpack is great for carrying the stuff you need. But you can exercise more by running to and from the gym. And a bag of any kind would just slow you down. The real trick is just finding what works for you and sticking to what you like. Don’t try to copy anyone else, and do what fits best for your routine and lifestyle. And if you really need a bag, a backpack is perfectly fine.

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